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  1. How good is the steel?    
  2. How good is the netting?
  3. What's skirting?
  4. Do you ship to Canada?  
  5. Are these high quality?

  1.  How good is the steel?

    Lots of terms are used in product descriptions. "Heavy duty" and "heavy gauge" does not tell you a thing.  Ask before you buy!

    "Schedule" gives you the resistance to impact based on thickness of wall and outside diameter of the steel. The steel must get thicker as the diameter gets larger to maintain the same integrity against pucks! A 1 3/4" (1.75") pipe @ .065" (1.58mm) thickness is very weak (even thinner is very common in stores and small manufacturers) compared to our 1 3/8"(1.375") inch pipe of the same thickness. Our 2" pipes are .109" (2.77mm) thick and our 2 3/8 "(2.375") pipes are .125" (31.75mm)  thick, as in regulation NHL goal crossbars. Please compare.

    "Gauge" tell you the actual wall thickness. The numbers on this scale go down as the material gets thicker.

    fraction    decimal    mm            gauge   

    1/19"       .055"       1.4mm       17.2

    1/16"       .065"       1.58mm     16

    1/10"      .109"         2.77mm    12.4

    1/8"        .125"        3.2mm       10.4

    Outside Diameter is the size you see. Our post and crossbar sizes are in bold below. Other OD's we've seen are also listed.

    1 3/8"  / 1.375"               .065" (1.58mm) thick wall

    1 1/2"   / 1.5"                    Must be at least   .080thick, (2.03mm) to have same integrity as ours

    1 5/8"   / 1.625"                Must be at least  .086thick, (2.18mm) to have same integrity as ours

    1 3/4"   / 1.75"                  Must be at least  .092 thick, (2.34mm) to have same integrity as ours        

    2 "       / 2.00"                 .109"(2.77mm)  thick wall

    2 1/4"   / 2.125"                Must be at least .1125 thick, (2.87mm) to have same integrity as ours.

    2 3/8"  / 2.375"               .125"(3.20mm) thick wall

  2.  How good is the netting?                                 Constructed of bright white - knotless nylon One-quarter inch thick, 5 mm, 84,000D, please compare!
    Woven into inch-and-a-half squares
     Has a 700-pound test strength!
    Will not allow pucks or balls to pass
    Pictured  -    our goal netting, regulation ice hockey puck and barrier netting

  3. What's skirting?    The Skirting- Included! Saves the net from your surface, or the surface from the steel
    • Makes puck retrieval easy
    • Provides a professional appearance

  4.  Do you ship to Canada?  Yes- We do. Please note that in addition to shipping expenses paid up front thru the site, you'll be charged GST and any local taxes, as well as a possible import fee based on your order, to be paid upon delivery. Import fees vary, from no fee to about forty dollars.

  5. Are these high quality?   Our goals are the highest quality available. We've seen some other 'super' places make this claim, but if high quality means the heaviest gauge steel, the heaviest netting, the most authentic and durable product design, as well as high quality welding and attention to detail, then we do have the highest quality goals and they dont- it's that simple!



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